For women who are afraid to come out, as your private female escort I offer you the chance for self-discovery

For many women, experiencing an intimate, sexual encounter with another woman is something they have always been curious about but just haven’t had the confidence to turn the fantasy into a reality.

Whether its finding that perfect play partner to broaden your horizons or  turn that long thought about fantasy into a reality. All women are welcome. Each and every female deserves to indulge and acknowledge her sexuality. Times have changed, women are independent in control and can be “kinky” if they would like….and I would love to be part of those experiences.

 Indulge Yourself

There are few moments in life more exhilarating than the intimacy of a new partner for the first time. Imagine the excitement …..The adrenalin, the emotion, and ultimately the pleasure, when we meet!

I”m offering my private discreet services as a female (and couples) escort for those who are curious as well as for those who are experienced.

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Wow, just Wow….it was so different with a woman, Next time I’m going to have my husband join us. Its just a shame that it took me so long to find the courage to do this – thanks Lillit!

A Couple, looking for a third?

Are you a Couple, also interested in exploring, in expanding your sexual horizons? I also enjoy being the third, there are a lot more options with the three of us. Learn more about those options  here:

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